Welcome, friends, to my little pet project.

I've been focusing some of my free time on building a hopefully comprehensive wiki to assist me in telling a story I've worked on in one form or another for a while now. You all, I hope, will be players in this orchestra of the fantastical and otherworldly.

If you're seeing this page it is because I've finally finished. I've resolved not to share this until I've got a good sense of where I'm headed in terms of story, as well as a huge pile of wiki pages for you to dig through. There should be at least a few hundred here, carefully curated so you don't uncover anything more than what I desire you know… yet!

If you're interested in joining me, I'll be hosting campaign sessions on Sundays at 3 pm CST, lasting for a minimum of four hours. Character restrictions will sadly be in place, but mainly thematic ones. In the interest of keeping the story focused, I don't particularly want any half-faerie half-horse warlock/cleric/summoners running around bringing hellbeasts from dark ember-planes. I hate doing this, since my policy has always been to allow creativity as often as possible from players, however, there are some things which I simply cannot do if the party is composed of two robots, one Minotaur and a pig. If you'd like to play something outlandish, we can talk about it, but I will need a very good reason as to why you're visiting a small town on the southern coast of a duchy built mainly on the fish trade.

Speaking of small towns on the southern coasts of duchies – meet Faded Rock . Your starting point not only in this Wiki, but also this campaign. Have fun digging through the pages!

Faded Rock